Below is a list of services with pricing that I offer. The list is not comprehensive; contact me if you have something else in mind. I have taken aerial photography out of the open window of a Cessna before, so almost anything is within reason. Travel is available with advance notice, but additional charges will apply (see below).


Event$200 for events up to four hours. $350 for all-day events. If it's a multi-day event, contact me for pricing. This includes copies of all good images with basic touchups. The exact number of images will depend heavily on the length and content of the event. Prints are extra but pricing is competitive. Costs are negotiable if the event is something I'd be interested in going to or there's some another form of compensation as part of the deal (good food is a great motivator).


Portrait$200 for a typical shoot. You want senior pictures? Great! Need something to replace that 10-year-old blurry picture of your family you took with a point and shoot? Definitely! You want a picture of your favorite pet(s)? Perfect! You pick the place and I'm there. Most shoots last one to two hours, but I'm not going to leave until I have the shots you want (within reason). A set of proofs will be provided to choose from, and more detailed retouching will be done on those choices before final delivery. Prints are extra, but pricing is competitive.

Anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Logan, Utah fits within the standard pricing. Anything within 150 miles will cost $50 extra to cover the extra travel expenses. Farther than that will have to be negotiated on an individual basis. Don't hesitate to ask, though.

Equipment Rental

I also rent out my equipment when I'm not using it. I've created an equipment rental list with prices. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you're interested in renting. I'm happy to help you.